New Beginnings

I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to visit this blog over the past few years. I will no longer be updating here, but you can find me at my new website (same address): www.avakaiphotography.com

I'll miss this place, but in wanting to keep up with technology, my site is now viewable on all mobile devices and computers. Galleries and proof links are also accessible. Please feel free to check my "news" and "featured" sections for updates, which will essentially replace what I'd publish here. I hope you like the new "home"... feedback is welcome. And please don't be a stranger -- you can always just send me an email to say hello!


Featured | Minted

Gah! It's been so long since I've updated here, but please know that I'm here and kicking and still busy with sessions. I wanted to share the new holiday card site at Minted.com. They are a wonderful design/paper company that produces awesome-quality cards, invitations, and all things paper.  I recently won the grand prize for their "Become The Face of Minted" contest with this photo:

My kiddos' and other clients' photos were also selected to be a part of their holiday campaign this season, so I am thrilled!  You can check these out here and think about ordering your paper products from them in the future.  Speaking of holiday, I have just a few spots left for sessions, so please contact me soon.  Availability is first come, first served. Cheers!


Catching Up with Mr. X

Just a quickie post to celebrate this cutie's 18-month mark. Love that little smile!


New Year

A beautiful, crisp day with the delightful "M" family...I'm full with gratitude for the last year, for old and new friends, for rockstar clients. Happy twenty twelve!


All Boy

I've been photographing Hayden since he was six months old, and now he's two and constantly on the move. Somehow he manages to raise the cuteness factor every time I see him. I love to watch him grow. Here are a few from our session last month.

I hope to post more family and holiday sessions soon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


My Love

She started Kindergarten earlier this month and is already on her way to being a "big" girl. And though every parent feels this way about his or her child, I just have to say what an honor it is to know her. She is loving, generous, and plain old fun to be around. These were taken in August during the last bit of summer, which started late around here. But at least it came.

I am hoping to post more sessions from the summer and can't believe that fall is here -- catching up is clearly not my strong suit at the moment!


X-Man Turns Two

Blog world, I'm not sure where the summer went, but I am still here. A very special little boy turns two this week, so I had to give him a shout-out. Xavier is so funny and sweet, and I think one of the smartest kids on the block. A little balloon action to start...

Okay, crazy story about the balloons. About two minutes after they were tied to his jeans, they came undone -- the balloons, not his jeans. They floated up into the trees beyond reach. I kid you not, here are the pictures to prove it.

And here is where the story gets crazier. Dad, determined to get them back, goes to his car to get an UMBRELLA to attempt to hook the strings by throwing it up into the trees. I wish I had captured him doing that, but I had zero faith (like, are you off your rocker? There's no way in H-E-double hockey sticks you are going to get those down). We couldn't believe our eyes. It freckin' worked. Two of them popped, but he did it!

Quick change of clothes...

Happy birthday, dearest X! Thanks to you and your super parents, always.